Song Asks Star Striker To Join Arsenal

Arsenal’s growing star Alexandre Song seems to think that even though he’s close to a retirement, Thierry Henry would still have a lot to give for Arsenal and the defensive midfielder asks the Frenchman to sign with the Gunners.

“When I see him training, I am teasing him: ‘You could still play with us, you know?’ But he has never replied and just smiled,” Song told L’Equipe.

“What he achieved during his career is just amazing. He has nothing more to prove in football.

“Today he has the opportunity to give us a help.

“A player with such stature, such potential. He would bring us a lot.”

Henry is currently training with Arsenal while the MLS is on break, but speculations around the Emirates Stadium say that the striker is closer than ever to signing with Arsenal and that Wenger is also thinking hard about this option.