Red Bulls boss – I couldn’t find a single reason to say no to Henry loan

It has been confirmed that Thierry Henry will be joining Arsenal on January 1st and could be available for the derby against Fulham on the 2nd, and the New York Red Bulls GM Erik Solér has no qualms that it is the right decision for all the parties concerned.

“The loan deal was the total package,” Soler said. “We feel it’s a good honor for a guy who’s been with us 18 months. This is something he thought he wanted to do, and it’s easy to see. And on the sporting side, it’s better for him to train at Arsenal than if we turn something like that down. I couldn’t find a single reason to say no.

“I was approached by them, and of course I wanted to check if that was what Thierry wanted, and make sure my ownership was happy with it. I did the necessary calls on my part, and on the sporting side both Hans Backe and myself think it’s a very good idea. Thierry will be working hard. He’ll be coming to our Phoenix trip. He’ll be coming straight from training and playing with Arsenal, which is a good thing for us. In the end, it’s very easy for us to see this as good idea.”

Wenger has previously brought both Sol Campbell and Jens Lehmann to add some experience for short loan periods, and he believes that “special” players can help out his “nervous” young players when it gets to the business end of the season.

Wenger said: “You must have noticed that I only do it on short term.

“I’ve done it with players who have a special attitude, special weight in the dressing room and I’ve done it at periods where experience can play a big part in the dressing room, from January to March.

“Before I did it with a very young side and you can feel that when it comes to March they get a bit nervous. Players who have won before can help them keep calm.

“Now I do it for footballing reasons because I need a striker for two months.”

Now that the deal is done, we can all look forward to Thierry showing us all that he is still capable of mixing it with the best. If he can help Arsenal to go on a winning run while he’s here, he can only reinforce his stature as an Arsenal legend.