Wenger – 2012 can be Arsenal’s year

First off all I want to wish a very Happy New Year to all our readers from the Arsenal Banter team, and if Arsene Wenger is correct it is going to a good year for Arsenal too!

The Gunners finally made it up to fourth place in the Premiership, but it certainly hasn’t been an easy passage. “It has been a difficult year where we had ups and downs,” Wenger said. “But overall we maintained the club at the top by qualifying for the Champions League, by qualifying for the last 16 in the Champions League, by coming back into a strong position having lost many players during the summer and having been hit by injuries,”

“It is a year that shows there is something special about this Club, that even when the boat is a bit rocked by a strong storm we can still maintain a top level and the solidarity in the Club has been fantastic. That’s why I feel 2011 in the future will be a significant year for the club.”

“We will be more stable, I am absolutely convinced about that,”

“I have a very strong belief in the team we have at the moment. They have not won over everybody’s hearts yet but they are settling in with the type of football we play. I am confident 2012 can be Arsenal’s year.

Its always good to be able to enter the New Year in an optimistic mood, and the way things are going Arsenal really could win the League, despite their terrible start.

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