Should Wenger Let Henry Go In February?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger declared that even though Arsenal’s deal for Henry will end in February and there were no talks with MLS side NY Red Bulls to extend that period, he hopes that the decision to let him go will be a tough one.

“We have promised that we will send the player back so we have not spoken about that at all.”

He added: “Let’s hope we have the problem. If we have a problem then it means he has done well so I hope we have the problem.

“But at the moment I can just say no, it is not envisaged at all.”

“You want your fans to be proud of trophies, but also to consider the achievement,” he said.

“Everybody is entitled to view it differently, but you can’t compare winning the Carling Cup to every year coming out of the group stage and every year qualifying for the Champions League.

“If we had been out of top European quality for 10 years and won one or two cups it would be different, but I do not try to defend the fact that we did not win [trophies].

“It has always looked like ‘ah, you have not won a trophy so you have been nowhere for five years’ – but in the same five years we have been in the semi-finals of the Champions League and final of the Champions League.

“One day you will realise that it is not as easy as it looks – and this year we are again one of the two [English] teams who qualified [for the last 16].”

Wenger is accustomed to tough decisions after letting club star Fabregas go to Barcelona in the summer just because the midfielder wished to rejoin his home town and play for the club which helped him turn into the talented player who joined Arsenal a few years back.

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