Gervinho – Arsenal need good footballers

The Ivorian forward Gervinho only joined Arsenal last summer but he is already well aware how important the Gunners captain Robin Van Persie is to the success of the team, and thinks that Arsene Wenger should do everything in his power to keep him at the club.

“I don’t want the sale of Robin van Persie. Arsenal is a team that needs good footballers and leaders on the field,” Gervinho said.

“Robin is a player who pushes companions to work harder and give more effort during matches. He is a dream to play with.

“Van Persie is the captain and the boss in the group, without doubt. I saw that from my first day at the club.

“For me, when opponents see Robin on the other side, it is a huge psychological blow. I am always happy playing with him.”

Let’s hope that Gervinho doesn’t see Robin Van Persie lining up for an opposing team next season, especially Manchester City…….