Wenger denies EVERY Arsenal transfer rumour in one go! (Except a possible left-back)

You would hardly know that Arsenal had any interest in the winter transfer window this year except for the occasional reference to a loan deal for a left-back, and despite numerous Arsenal rumours in the media it seems that Arsene Wenger is keen to deny any of his possible targets.

“Ravel Morrison at Man United? No. We know him well,” Wenger said. “No to Kalou and Suarez as well.”

Hang on, what other Arsenal rumours have we got. Oh Yes what about Marouane Chamakh leaving? “He is at the Africa Cup of Nations, nothing will happen there,” Wenger said. “Will he come back? Yes.”

He was also asked about Arshavin, and he went into a long rambling speech about how the Russian was “always efficient” even if he didn’t appear to be on the pitch. So he’s not leaving either.

So that just leaves the old left-back problem and Wenger says he is a “little bit closer” to one, but then goes on to say how difficult it will be to get someone that could just walk into the Arsenal team.

“I am closer to a fullback, but only a tiny bit,” Wenger said. “At the moment we are exploring potential situations we can take advantage of but there is nothing concrete.

“All over the world we have our eyes and we look for good players. It is very simple in a situation like that. You might take a player who doesn’t play at all somewhere, who is not necessarily fit quicker than a player who is injured. Or you take a young, potential player who has not made it somewhere.

“A player who plays anywhere in the world at the moment will not be available on loan, it doesn’t exist. It can only be a guy who doesn’t play or a promising player who has not yet made it completely who you could take advantage of.

“That is why it is not an easy situation. You have to consider that a guy who has not played for two months is not necessarily back quicker than Bacary Sagna or another player who is just coming back from injury.”

Perhaps Wenger isn’t too worried about defending against Swansea this weekend, but if none of the Arsenal defendrs return to face Man United the week after then it could be a difficult match. And even if Sagna, Gibbs and Jenkinson all returned in time they are hardly going to be match fit for such a big game, are they?