What will happen if Arsenal finish OUTSIDE the Top Four this season?

Arsenal had a terrible start to the season, but it looked like Arsene Wenger had turned things around as they flew back up the table and even managed to sneak ahead of Chelsea into fourth place by the years end.

But then it all fell apart again and the Arsenal fans have turned on the manager. Some Gooners are even hoping that the Gunners don’t make the Champions League as it may signal the end of Arsene Wenger (and hopefully Stan Kroenke) in carge at the Emirates.

But what will really be the effects if Arsenal finish out of the Top Four?

Robin Van Persie will leave and probably Theo Walcott and Alex Song as well, as they are all going to be entering the last 12 months of their contract in the summer…

Massive loss of income At least 20m (or more including gate recipts) will be taken off Arsenal’s budget for next season if they lose the Champions League TV Bonanza.

New players won’t be attracted to Arsenal How will Wenger find a comparable striker to replace Van Persie (or Walcott) without the promise of playing in the elite European competition?

Sponsors won’t pay as much to renew contracts This will further reduce the clubs income.

Abuse from Tottenham Fans for the whole season Especially if they are in the Champions League and we are not! Can you imagine the shame?

Stan Kroenke will sell his shares to Alisha Usmanov at a profit Not certain on this one but you could see Silent Stan getting out before the shares started falling in value.

Arsene Wenger will resign HAHA just joking. We all know that will never happen! Perhaps Usmanov might sack him but Kroenke never will…..

These are scenarios that simply have to be examined now as Arsenal are dropping away from the Top Four and may even be down to 7th if Man Utd beat us this weekend. Here’s a test. Can you think of any positives if we finish 5th or lower?