Wenger Admits Targetting Manchester United

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger had admitted that the match against Manchester United is the most important one throughout a Premiership season even though Manchester City, Chelsea or Liverpool are also top clubs.

“It’s still the same. It is not the only game anymore because you have Chelsea and Man City coming in, with Liverpool still there. But it is a game that is watched all over the world.

“We do [lift ourselves], we think we are on a similar level. I still think that when we have everybody available we are a strong force in this league. That’s why it is important that we fight very hard [in order] not to drop points.”

“They sometimes have a very compact midfield to kill our passing game and get us on the counter-attack. They do that very well.

“I believe that sometimes it works for them, although last year we beat them 1-0 [at the Emirates] in a convincing way.

“It depends on how well we play on the day, how well we pass the ball through their lines – no matter how many are in there.”

According to the Frenchman, he should pay a greater attention to this game and perhaps now Arsenal won’t be totally humiliated like it happened last time and Wenger  will be able to come up with a team which can perhaps defeat Manchester United, although after the last two games it’s unlikely to see that happening.