How many of these EIGHTEEN Arsenal players are really good enough?

Arsenal are one of the Top Four richest clubs in the world, only marginally below Man Utd, Real Madrid and I believe we are above Barcelona in the cash rankings, but how does our squad compare with such illustrious teams?

I am going to give you a list of players that Arsenal still pay the wages of, and I want you to tell me which of these (if any) would get into any of our closest competition’s teams.

Almunia (Not a hope in hell!)
Fabianski (Four good games out of about 50!)
Jenkinson (Will probably become a Finland international, and???)
Gibbs (If he ever plays more than four games in a row I might think differently)
Djourou (Replaced by Yennaris against Man Utd, Nuff said?)
Squillaci (Don’t get me started on that one)
Mertesacker (I German football really that slow?)
Denilson (Wants to be a Brazilian international lol)
Diaby (See comment about Gibbs)
Ramsey (I’m afraid the injury has had a bigger effect than we thought, or maybe he was always this bad?)
Benayoun (Couldn’t get into Liverpool’s team, or Chelsea’s, but good enough for Arsenal?)
Rosicky (Another one that has been ‘promising’ for ten years!)
Arshavin (I feel he could have been a legend, but couldn’t get up the enthusiasm)
Walcott (Promising, promising, but rarely delivers…)
Chamakh (A great player in Ligue 1, but at Arsenal?)
Park (When will we ever know if he’s good enough?)
Bendtner (The Greatest Striker in the World – in his head!)
Vela (A possible Chicharito at one point – What went wrong?)

Can anyone name me just ONE out of that list that would get into Man Utd’s team, or Barcelona’s or Real Madrid’s. NONE! thats how many.