Yes, He Said It! Wenger Is Not Going To Spend Any!

After yet another loss, and a misfortunate one of it, Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem to be any more willing to make any big changes to the club, and lets fans know that Arsenal won’t be spending money.

Asked whether he agrees with the fans points of view that the club must spend in order to massively improve, the Frenchman replied vehement:

“I don’t. Spending money is not the target. It never has been in life.

“We need our players back. We missed 10 players. When you see what we created in the second half, it’s important for us to get the players back.”

Now, nobody said that Arsenal should follow in the steps of Manchester City, but this is autrageous. Wenger wants to keep waiting on the injured players to come back, but what he doesn’t understand is that just like it always happened, by the time the injured players will be back the Gunners will have to face dealing with another endless string on injuries and so on.

Truthfully speaking, he was unlucky to get in this position with the full-backs at the team but what about the midfidelers and the wingers? Walcott and Arshavin are proving horrible forms lately, yet there’s no really better option except for Chamberlain, and the same goes with Ramsey. Without Arteta the truth is that Arsenal has absolutely 0 creativity, and even with Arteta Ramsey is sometimes a liability.