RVP Calls To Action And We Question Wenger’s Transfer Judgement

Arsenal’s captain Robin Van Persie has taken his role seriously and has launched a signal for all his colleagues and Arsenal fans to stay together through tough times and fight to bring the club back on the right tracks, saying that they will manage to bounce back in no time just like they did before.

The Dutchman also dismissed having challenged Wenger’s decision of pulling The Ox off the field on Sunday, and declared his enthusiast about Chamberlain’s form.

“I was not having a go at the boss on Sunday – I was just sad to see Alex leave the pitch as he just gave the assist for our only goal.

“I was not questioning his judgement – I know it’s not my place to challenge what Arsene Wenger does.

“Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain had a calf injury. We did not know that but the boss did and brought Andrey Arshavin on.”

He added: “The manager and I are fine and my relationship with the club is good.

“There is no problem, there is no conflict and there is no controversy.

“The boss knows that, I know that and the players know that.”

“We are not giving up on a top-four finish, no way,” said the Dutchman.

“Losing to Manchester United was a setback – but it is not a knockout blow.

“The way this season is going I think it’s pretty safe to say there will be a lot more surprises before the Premier League season is over.

“There’s plenty of games still left, we have recovered from reverses like this before and we will win again.

“So anybody writing us off is making a mistake. This could still be a good season for us.

“We have the FA Cup to look forward to and the Champions League.

“We will all be giving 100 per cent to make sure we bring one of those trophies home, hopefully both of them.

“Let’s all stick together and fight.”

At the moment people are right to attack Arsene Wenger because he seems unwilling to move any muscle and help the Gunners get back where they deserve to be (and that’s not in the top 4, but in the top 2). Even though Wenger sees that the team is going badly and he surely doesn’t want that, it has become somewhat of an ambition to make the team work without any transfers even though the Frenchman promised to reinvest every cent earned in the club. So I ask you, Where are the money Arsenal got for Clichy, Nasri and Fabregas?