African leader calls for Wenger’s head!

Arsenal’s third defeat in a row to Man Utd on Sunday certainly upset the Gunners Fans in the Stadium, but it seems the reverberations have echoed around the world.

One of the most high-profile Arsenal fans in the world, the Rwandan President Paul Kagame, who once received a signed Arsenal banner from Arsene Wenger for his birthday, has joined the growing group of dis-satisfied Gooners calling for the head of Arsenal’s most successful manager.

Kagame said: “I very much support Arsenal – but to be honest Wenger needs to coach another team now and Arsenal needs another coach,”

“When a good team and a good coach fail for long to deliver, one of them has to change, or even both!!,”

“The real/main danger is for anyone to get used to mediocre/lacklustre performance and/or results and accepts to live with it … or keeps finding excuses for it!!!,”

“I am a loyal and patient fan but I am not sure about others!!! I would not blame them at all if they were v different,”

Kagame doesn’t sound like a “loyal and patient fan” in his first few sentences, but even Gooners that have always supported Wenger are now becoming disillusioned with his leadership.

Would Stan Kroenke listen to the views of a President of a small African state?

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