Wenger Dismisses Signings – “The Market Is Internal”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger declared that the market is tough at the moment for all big clubs and that the Gunners are no closer to bringing reinforcements.

Even though he’s interested in transferring a full-back and a striker, Wenger is out of luck as nobody is available at the moment according to him.

“At the moment we are not close to signing anybody. The transfer market is internal for us. We recently played with ten players out, to have only two or three out would help us a lot, much more than the transfer market.

“You can look around at all the big clubs and who bought players? Nobody, because you can’t find players at the moment who can strengthen big clubs.”

We can only guess that the Frenchman is actually trying to say that everybody tries to keep hold of their players until after the EURO’s or trying to cash in big for those good enough to reinforce big clubs.

Players like Hazard, Vertonghen and Podolski are available, but it’s well known that the clubs are asking huge prices for their services. At the moment there’s no rumour linking Arsenal to potentially transferring a full-back, and with only 4 days left of January transfer window it’s unlikely that somebody will join.