Online Poker Is The Future

In case for some unknown reason you have not noticed or you are a Japanese soldier that has been hiding out on some isolated pacific Island the Internet is changing almost everything we do in life including what is set to become the big craze of the decade which is online gambling and in particular online poker.

Before the advent of the internet if you wanted to gamble you had to physically leave your house and go to a place where gambling was legal or worse as it the case in the United States still today place an illegal bet on a sporting event through a bookie who has connections to organised crime.

This is however all about to change as casino’s pop up in nearly all 50 states and while you can only still place for the time being at least sporting bets in Nevada or Delaware casinos are reinventing themselves by building virtual casinos and poker rooms where you can gamble from the comfort of your own home safe in the knowledge that the casino games you are betting on are being regulated by the States authorities in an effort to protect the consumer.

The biggest growth is expected to be seen in online poker with law makers in the State of New Jersey just passing a bill to allow people to bet legally online in Atlantic City’s casinos where they expect their virtual poker rooms to provide bumper business.

Now despite the fun you can have playing poker visiting a casino and sitting down at a table that has every possible combination of people and their personalities you can possible think of is very off putting for many a person who is just starting to play poker or for woman that want to play but do not necessarily want to put up with the mind play or abuse they may after suffer from another player and as if witness to this a friend of mine who works as a poker dealer in Palm Springs, California once told me the game of poker can attract some people that you would go out of your way to avoid.

Playing poker online alleviates all these things as once you know your poker hands, make as much profit as possible playing under an assumed name from anywhere in the world safe in the knowledge that you will never have to meet the people you are playing against.

Learn more about poker hands via this video