Should Arsenal give Arshavin one more chance?

Andrei Arshavin has had a nightmare in 2011 and his reputation at Arsenal is in tatters after a whole year of disappointing performances. When the booing started as he replaced Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain against Man United, he looked devastated, and many people predicted that he would not play for the Gunners again.

But this week his agent revealed that Arshavin intends to stay and fight for his place at Arsenal after turning down talks with FC Anzhi on a lucrative return to Russia.

“The Russia window lasts until February 24th and a guy representing Anzhi has made a tentative approach,” Phil Smith (Arshavin’s agent) said. “But Andrey is not going to talk to the Russians because he doesn’t want to leave and Arsenal don’t want him to go, either.”

“He still feels he has a lot to do at Arsenal. He wants to win something, fulfil his ambitions and recover his form both for Arsenal and ahead of the European Championships.”

Arshavin has been an unused sub in the two games since the Man United game, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been in the starting line-up both times. Is the Russian wasting his time now at Arsenal or should Wenger give him some more chances to redeem himself?