Wenger Understands Capello Decision. Do The Fans Still Think He Should Follow The Example?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger declared himself shocked to see Capello take such an extreme measure, but found it natural for the manager to choose the captain and not the board.

The decision Capello took to leave the national squad after qualifying it was taken after the FA made him accept naming another captain following the incidents with John Terry and the racial accuses.

“When the decision came out from the FA, I said that the choice of captain is down to the manager – You (the manager) pick your team, you choose your captain.”, said Wenger

“I did not expect such an extreme situation, but it looks like there was already some turbulence there and that was just the final straw.

“I am sad that Capello leaves four months before such an important competition, it is a big blow for England and I am sad for him.”

Capello should be admired by all managers worldwide for the fact that he stood by his players and his team and when his hand was forced to do something he didn’t see fit he just quit. It’s incredible how a Italian manager can come to England and teach the country a very important lesson, one which perhaps not many coaches in the Premiership know. The question is what is Wenger going to do because there’s a huge wave of criticism coming his way from the fans and Arsenal’s league chart position doesn’t help much at the moment. Do you think he should follow Capello’s example?

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