Podolski Closer To Arsenal Than Ever

Arsenal’s chase for a top striker may come to an end soon as German star Lukas Podolski has spoken again about his disappointment and about the fact that he’s very likely to leave the club in the summer. A transfer to Arsenal beckons maybe?

The striker also admitted that quite a few offers have come his way and that he speaks English amongst other languages, so perhaps Arsenal is the best landing spot for the world class player who has fallen out of the spotlight after his transfer to Koln.

“I was told that a team would be built around me so that we could establish ourselves first in the top eight and then in the top six,” he said.

“I had lots of promises made to me before my move here and I wanted to play my part in achieving these things together.

“[Former Cologne coach] Christoph Daum once said that lots of promises are made, but few are maintained here and I think my situation confirms that.

“When you see what perspectives were shown to me and what has actually happened in the end, it is disappointing.”

“Each year we try to make progress, we take a new run-up, but then when you end up embroiled in a relegation battle again then it is disappointing,” he told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

“I had hoped for a lot more because there is far more potential here – the stadium and the fans are unique.

“But of the people with whom I discussed this concept, very few are still at the club. There is no continuity.”

“If I were to move, then the way things stand at the moment, I would move abroad,” he said.

“I speak German, Polish, English and Cologne dialect – I think you can get anywhere with that combination.

“I am always receiving inquiries and if they had been really attractive, I wouldn’t be here now. But seriously, I will make up my mind no sooner than the summer.”

The former Bayern Munich player is able to play as a lone striker, as the second striker and as a left winger, abilities which push him up the shortlist in Wenger’s eyes who needs somebody who can be able to cover for Robin if the Dutchman gets injured or even leaves.