Koln Refuse Podolski’s Wish To Leave. Will He Join Arsenal?

Lukas Podolski’s statement from earlier this week caused quite a stir in Germany, but despite the things he said in the interview, Koln’s board isn’t ready to let him go yet and they want to extend his contract as soon as possible.

The German striker has been tightly linked with a move to the Emirates Stadium, and he also admitted his admiration for the Gunners in a previous statement this December.

“Of course such a high-profile player has every right to speak out publicly, but we are surprised about the timing and the content of an interview on the day in which we had a very important game against Hamburg,” Koln general manager Claus Horstmann said.

“The interview had not been agreed with us, nor had we authorised its publication.

“It has been released by Lukas’ personal management and our recommendations have not been followed. He has therefore knowingly broken rules set down in his contract.

“Remarks about the club must always be authorised by the club. There is no place in the world for a player, who is injured, who is not in the squad and who is always demanding calm, to give such an interview.”

“We have decided as a club not to tolerate this kind of interview but rather to sanction them,” he told Sky television.

“We will certainly make use of the freedoms we have in his contract of employment to clear things up and make it clear to everybody that even Lukas Podolski must respect the rules.

“It is not the first time that such a situation has arisen. We have got to make it clear what rights and duties the players have and that Lukas must respect them – they apply to every player.”

“Our position and our priority to extend his contract as soon as possible remains unaltered,” said Horstmann.

Podolski seemed very determined to attack when he offered that interview saying that the club promised him a lot but offered him little and that he wishes to move, so it’s highly likely that Arsenal will have the honor of hosting one of the best strikers of the moment soon.