What Vermaelen really said about playing left-back…

Recently an interview had been published by the Gazet Van Antwerpen (not The People as quoted by Skysports) regarding Vermaelan’s frustration at being played as a LB. Here’s what he had to say: “I am fed up playing at left-back, I don’t think I am good there – I want to achieve my highest level and I can’t do that on the left. I play there to help the team but it gives me no satisfaction as I can’t reach my best standard.I do my job but seldom feel content after matches. If the team wins I am happy, but it remains frustrating.”

This passage itself has been quoted by Skysports. Thankfully, the actual interview has been translated correctly by another (excellent) Arsenal fansite (Untold Arsenal) to a more appropriate and less heated interview:
“I don’t think I am a bad left back. I do my job over there. But I am never really completely satisfied with myself after playing there. I want to get to my highest level in each game and I don’t have this as a left back. When the team wins I’m happy, but still it is a bit frustrating”

After comparing, the first one looks like it has gone through Google translator whilst the second is something the former Belgium captain would say. Although I will have to side with Vermaelan, his performances haven’t been great at LB and he does tend to drift towards the midfield as the game wares on. The untimely injury to Mertesacker will most likely see a Vermaelan-Koscielny partnership against AC Milan.

Vermaelan may not be the best LB in the league but he is definitely up there with the likes of Kompany and Vidic as the Premier League’s best CBs. I think I speak for all Arsenal fans when I say that I can’t wait until Vermaelan moves back into the middle and shows his composure, skill and strength against the best teams in Europe.