Vermaelen – Arsenal must bounce back against Milan for the fans

The Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen couldn’t deny that last night’s defeat to AC Milan was a terrible performance, and he has vowed that the Gunners will make amends in the return leg at the Emirates.

The Verminator said last night: “It’s difficult to give an explanation for what happened so soon after the game this evening because I’m quite disappointed by what happened,”

“It was a really bad result. The only thing we can do is remember that we’ve still got another game to go”.

“Now we have to show some pride and give 100% in the return leg. We have to give something back to all those Arsenal fans who came all the way out here to this stadium, here in Milan, only for us to disappoint them. We must think of them now because what happened was not good. The only thing we can do is give them a good result in the home game.”

“When you are a professional you put the bad things that happen behind you. We will have to learn our lessons from what happened tonight but it is important at times like this to remain mentally strong and focus on the next game.”

Before the return game though, Arsenal have the small matter of an FA Cup match at Sunderland and then the massive local derby against Spurs. Let’s hope we can regain some confidence in those two game.