Kroenke to maintain status quo after excellent (financial) results

Having lost to Sunderland and AC Milan, Arsene Wenger’s side has ensured that they will not have a trophy for the seventh consecutive season. However, Arsenal’s billionaire owner, Stan Kroenke has full confidence in Wenger and will be flying in this week to reaffirm his support. Kroenke wants his club to forget the loss against Sunderland and focus instead on securing a top four finish. Arsenal has a scheduled board meeting on the 23rd. Both Wenger and Kroenke are expected to attend this meeting. In all probability, they will discuss Arsenal’s poor recent record at this meeting.

Also Arsenal will be releasing their half yearly accounts next week which is certain to impress Kroenke and the board. This, along with future plans, will also be discussed at this board meeting. With profits of around 55 million pounds, Wenger will reportedly be given this money to overhaul or enhance his squad. The entire board, along with Kroenke, has reiterated that Wenger’s position as manager will not be affected even if Arsenal fails to finish in the Top Four. Arsenal’s poor run in recent times has been a cause of concern. There is a growing unrest amongst fans as well.

Even though Wenger and Gazidis manage the day to day activities of the club, Kroenke is part of all major decisions. He is well aware of the unrest among fans but the financial results will encourage the American to maintain the status quo.

Wenger’s immediate focus will be to secure a place in the next season’s Champions League to save some face for this disappointing season. Wenger has said that he will honor the terms of his contract which expires in 2014. However, he would prefer not to leave until after he has revived Arsenal from their current slump.

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