Wenger – If Arsenal beat Tottenham we’ll be fine..

Arsenal had a tough time last week when they lost to an overpowering AC Milan in the Champions League. Their woes multiplied when they lost to Sunderland in the FA Cup 5th Round. Now, Manager Arsene Wenger is suggesting that the team should look ahead for their premier league match against Tottenham on Sunday. With both Liverpool and Tottenham looming over the fourth spot for Champions League, this might seem a positive move from Mr. Wenger. However, the one aspect that critics as well as fans worry about is the long drought of trophies at the club.

Arsenal is putting too much at stake by never trying hard enough to win the FA Cup. The loss to Sunderland might not affect their Premier League Standings, but it definitely hurts the fans to be without a cup for the past few years. Now adding more worries, three more of their players, Aaron Ramsey, Francis Coquelin and Sebastian Squillaci are all added to the injury list. However, all these players have not been in their best of forms this season, even though the increasing number of injuries and the lack of convincing talents on the bench is a serious problem to consider.

Wenger is not happy with the usual injury problems, but thinks everything will be rosier if Arsenal can beat Tottenham next week. “When everybody is available we have what it takes at the club and we will add what it takes,” he said. “But at the moment we’re not making plans for next season, we’re making plans for the next game.

“We have many missing: big, big players, too. We’re in February and Wilshere has played zero games, Diaby has played zero games, Mertesacker is out for the season and Santos for three months. That would be difficult for any club in the world to deal with. But let’s win our next game and we’ll be fine.”

Last week’s brutal loss to AC Milan perhaps is the best example which demonstrated Arsenal’s problems in almost every department. The defense was awful and Milan’s Robinho, Ibrahimovic and Boateng tore them apart.

Arsenal, on the other side seemed to rely on Thierry Henry’s last loan spell at the club and the ever-spirited Robin Van Persie without much success. But, the time has come for Arsenal to look beyond these players and evolve as a complete football team.

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