A weird day for Arsenal and Arshavin

It was a very weird day at Arsenal today as the Gunners managed to offload one of the biggest flops in the club’s recent history. The Russian winger who was brought to the team after a very difficult campaign has fallen way shorter than everybody expected him to.

It was a very weird day because it began with Wenger clearly dismissing the possibility of Arshavin to leave to Zenit:

“Not at the moment, no.”

And ended up with the Russian writing on his Twitter page:

“It’s done.”

And with the Russian club posting on the official page:

“Arshavin is back!”

“FC Zenit welcomes the return of Andrey Arshavin to St Petersburg.”

So the deal is done and the best news for Arsenal is that now Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has an even cleaner route to the first team spot, even though he lately showed that he’s far much better than Arshavin.

The Russian winger ended an almost 3 season long stay at the Emirates Stadium in which he played a total of 132 games, scored 30 goals and offered 35 assists. Even though he was not one of the best players at the club he surely showed his skills in a few instances for the Gunners so he deserves to be treated with respect. His loan move is likely to end with a complete transfer to the Russian club in the summer for an expected fee of £6 million.