Arsene Wenger vote – Van Persie – and Arsenal are still fourth

Morning all, there’s not much that I really have to say but there are a few bitty things that I would like to briefly mention.

The first is a brief mentioning of the Wenger situation. I’m not going to enter a full blown discussion now but I would like to comment on one aspect of it. There is an illusion among fans that ‘a growing majority’ of fans want Wenger to leave Arsenal. This is untrue. In a recent survey on MSN Sport, over 4000 fans voted whether he should stay or go, and near enough 73% said that he should stay. The sample size is large enough to assume that this represents the general consensus of the fan bases so I conclude that MOST FANS BELIEVE THAT WENGER SHOULD STAY. Point.

Secondly, I would like to address the Van Persie contract situation. I think that we should all hold our horses for the moment and see what occurs as, at the moment, we have little or no information on the state of the talks. We do know that talks have begun, but that could mean anything from a genuine desire from RVP to stay, to RVP just running through the formalities and making absolutely sure that his decision to leave is the right one. As I say, there is not much information to go on so speculating on the outcome is not much use.

And, finally, I am amazed with the number of fans who post comments such as ‘let’s be realistic, we are going to finish 7th’. I fully accept the possibility that we could balls it up and finish behind our competitors, but to say that it is likelihood? Need I remind you that we actually sit in 4th; how do you think we got there, fluke? In fact, if anything, it has been the opposite. Our ascendency into fourth has actually occurred with luck against us!

However, I do admit that there is a good chance that our slip could be started against a strong Tottenham team on Sunday, so I’m going sign off now and hope that my words don’t come back and bite me in the arse…