Wenger – It is not crazy for Arsenal to make a profit

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been yet again forced to answer questions about the Gunners’ “self-sustaining model” after it has been revealed that Arsenal are just about to announce an interim profit of 55million GBP in the first six months of the season.

Wenger has come under fire for not re-investing some of these profits on rebuilding the team with established stars, but he says that financial prudence cannot be ignored even if he has been called crazy for sticking to his policy.

“What is unbelievable is that we run the model that should be absolutely normal and we look crazy. That is crazy,” said Wenger.

“People will do anything stupid, but we are not crazy, we are all right. We spend 1 if we make 1 and then people say ‘what are they doing?’ That is what is absolutely mad in our world, but the whole world is bankrupt because of that.”

Arsenal fans fully understand the idea of running the club in a sensible way, but the problem arises when you make 1 but only spend 50p! That could be simply called “greed” or even “false economy”…..