Ljungberg – Arsenal still need to buy winners to compete for trophies

Arsenal’s former star Freddie Ljungberg thinks that the low budget policy was not implemented by Wenger and that he doesn’t avoid transferring big names by his own choice, but forced by the board.

The Swedish star also seems to think that the Gunners need a few stars in the team soon if they want to end the seemingly endless drought which has been going on for 7 years at Arsenal.

“Sol Campbell came to Arsenal when he was the best centre back in England and he could have gone anywhere in the world. But he chose Arsenal because he wanted to win things.

“Every summer there was the chance to move but the players stayed because they wanted to win trophies.

“That is why I went there from Halmstadt. I was due to meet Juventus the following day but chose Arsenal. But that is a pulling power they don’t have any more. Now they develop younger players. That is fine but maybe they need players who have won things too.

“But those players cost money and that is not happening. I don’t know if it is Arsene or the board.

“It is seven years without a trophy and I would like to know who decides the policy. I feel sorry for Arsene. If it is not Arsene’s decisions then he cannot do exactly what he wants.

“Arsenal have a beautiful stadium and there must be revenue. If you are going to compete with the likes of Manchester City and Manchester United, then you must be able to bring big players in.”

The biggest danger Arsenal is facing at the moment isn’t tied to the trophy drought but to losing all the remaining big players at the club if they won’t manage to make a few top transfers in a timely manner. Who do you think should join the club this summer?

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