Allegri – Arsenal have little chance and I wouldn’t swap any of my players with Wengers

Arsene Wenger has been trying to persuade the Arsenal team (and fans) that the Gunners still have a chance of beating AC Milan tomorrow night to progress in the Champions League, but their coach Massimiliano Allegri agrees with Wenger’s original assessment that there is a 1 in 20 chance (5 per cent) of Arsenal going through.

He was directly asked if he was contemplating a possible defeat by the needed four goals, and Allegri said: “It is possible! Anything can happen. If they score a goal in the first minute and one early in the second half for example then they have 40-45 minutes to score two.”

“Well they did it against Tottenham!

“If we make mistakes and are not focused of course they can cause problems.

“It’s normal what Wenger has said and I agree their chances are about five per cent because we have a great result in our favour.

“But it is important to play the game with the same mentality as we did in the first leg.

“Arsenal have very good young players and Robin van Persie can make the difference. But I would not change any of my players for any of Arsenal’s players. Nobody.

“Because I believe in my squad above anything else.”

The fact is that Wenger also believes in his players, especially after beating Tottenham and Liverpool. There may be only a five per cent chance of Arsenal going through, but there is still a chance and Arsenal just have to go for it!