Gibbs – Arsenal have the momentum to beat Milan

It seems like the amazing comeback wins against Tottenham and Liverpool had an incredible effect on the whole club because everybody seems to think that the Gunners will be able to have the same kind of performances against Italian squad AC Milan and knock them out.

Youngster Gunner Gibbs is confidently saying that they will be able to knock Milan out. He’s not the ony one who is saying that as everybody at the ground seems to think they stand a fighting chance.

“The whole team was quite hurt by the first leg. Tomorrow gives us a great opportunity to get a sense of pride back,” said the 22-year-old England international.

“We have shown fantastic mentality to come back in the last couple of games and have created a momentum now.

“We have to believe otherwise there is no point in being here.

“If they can beat us 4-0 then why can’t we do the same? In our last home game, we scored five goals.

“We have to create a faultless performance.”

Milan’s strikers are in a fabulous form lately so Arsenal will firstly have to get rid of all the defensive errors which occurred against Liverpool and Tottenham as we can’t afford to concede until we have score six goals of our own!