Wenger breaks Arsenal policy to re-sign Rosicky

It has been revealed that the Arsenal midfielder Thomas Rosicky is expected to sign a TWO-YEAR contract extension with the Gunners, despite Arsene Wenger’s previous policy of only giving one years contracts to players over 30.

There has been much made of keeping experienced players in the team, as in the case of Giggs and Scholes at Man Utd, and it seems that Wenger is even thinking of keeping Rosicky on in a training role once his footballing days are over.

It seems that the Czech midfielder will get a similar wage to now (around £80,000-a-week) and his agent Pavel Paska confirmed the talks last night, but wouldn’t give details on the deal. He said: “We have met with Arsene Wenger.

“The new contract terms are negotiated, but we are not revealing any more information.”

So it seems that Wenger really is changing his Arsenal Youth policy and will be keeping some talented and experienced players at the club for the future. Good news!