Wenger: Stop asking about Van Persie until the end of the season!

Wenger’s starting to be annoyed about everybody trying to snatch his most prized possession, Robin Van Persie, but the Frenchman clearly stated that there’s no way for the Gunners to sell their captain the way they did last summer with Fabregas.

“We will not lose anybody to Manchester City,” Wenger said. “We want to keep Robin van Persie, we will do everything possible to extend his contract, that is clear, and apart from that, I can only let people talk.”

“Look, our desire is clean and clear. What he wants to do, we will speak at the end of the season.”

The Frenchman went as far as saying that even if Robin wouldn’t accept to extend his contract, they’d rather keep him and lose him for free in 2013 saying: “Of course, Robin is the leader of our club.”

This is a bit farfetched. Wenger might want to keep him regardless of his decision, but the board would never agree to lose such a talented player on a free so it’s up to Robin if he’ll be at the club for another period of 5 seasons or if he’ll leave the club in the summer.

If I were RVP, I’d only sign the contract if promised that the club would spend some big money on yearly transfers so that they Arsenal can win some trophies!

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