Vermaelen – Arsenal can beat anyone

The Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen is certain that the Gunners will have no problem in catching a Champions League spot this season if they continue to play the way they did in the last few games against Tottenham, Liverpool and Milan.

“You can see that we fought really hard. You can see we have a lot of qualities if we put the effort in. You can see what we are capable of because Milan are top in Serie A. That’s not bad.

“We have got good results against Tottenham and Liverpool – and if we play like we did against Milan, I am not worried because we will be top four. We can beat any team. There are a few contenders – Newcastle, Liverpool, Chelsea. We will have to fight toe-to-toe for fourth, and maybe third. You never know.

“We can have a lot of wins towards the end of the season.

“Look at the way we played against AC Milan – and look at the players we did not have.

“Jack Wilshere is world class. Arsenal belong in the Champions League and we will try to achieve that for the club, the fans and ourselves.”

Manager Arsene Wenger seems to think that the Gunners may even rank higher than 3rd if they manage to keep the quality around the same levels.

Do you think that Arsenal has a chance to get anywhere higher than the 3rd spot?

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