Rosicky – We haven’t overtaken Tottenham yet so we need to keep fighting

Thomas Rosicky had another brilliant performance against Newcastle, along with the rest of the Arsenal team, but the Czech international thinks that the Gunners can’t get complacent.

Although it has been a brilliant comeback to get within one point of Tottenham, the job is still not finished and needs to be played out to the bitter end.

“If we take our foot off the gas then we will pay for it,” Rosicky said. “Newcastle are a good side who are tough to play against, nobody will give you anything for free so we had to fight hard. It is what we are doing and I am enjoying playing in this side very much.

“I think it says a lot, it says that we will not give up easily and that is something special. You don’t find these kind of characters often. This team has something special but on the other side we have to find a way to make it a little bit easier for ourselves and not go behind in every game.

“It is difficult to say what has changed. We are playing very good football right now and I think you can see that the players just want to win, they don’t give up. It is great to play like that if you enjoy yourself on the pitch.

“I am not surprised we have closed the gap on Tottenham because I know how it goes. I said about three weeks ago that we should not react to the outside world and just do our jobs. It goes quickly as you can see.

“We are there, just one point behind third place, and we have to carry on like that. If we do that we will be there.”

He is absolutely right off course. Arsenal need to keep training hard and prepare for the next battle against Everton next Wednesday. Don’t stop now!