Vermaelen – We knew we would score the winner (plus highlights)

The Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen is getting used to seeing the team come from behind to win their games, so he was confident that if they kept going last night then the Gunners would beat Newcastle in the end.

And so it proved, with the Belgian international scoring in the 95th minute to take Arsenal to within one point of Tottenham in third place in the Premiership.

“I think we showed great mentality.” Vermaelen said. “It’s the fourth time we have come from behind. We were pushing and pushing and we knew we had to be patient and that we would score a goal and that’s what happened today.”

Theo Walcott supplied the decisive cross and he admitted that he had a choice of players in the box ready to receive it. “I just put it into the right area.” he said. “I saw Thomas in there. We had more men in there than we usually do. Aaron (Ramsey) and Robin (van Persie) tackled each other because they both want to win it. Thomas was there and it’s a great win.”

It’s always brilliant to win a game in the last minute, but do Arsenal need to do it every single game? I’m not sure my heart can take it every week!

Watch the Arsenal v Newcastle Highlights here