Is Eden Hazard going to be added to the players Wenger missed out on?

Now that Wenger is supposedly searching high and wide for a few top quality transfers which he could bring to Arsenal early on in the summer transfer window, I just wanted to reflect a bit on only a few of the top quality players Wenger missed out on since he joined the Gunners.

To begin off, we’ll talk about one who you already know that was supposed to join, and could have certainly made a difference, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede was wanted by Wenger when he was just a young obsure player acting as a striker for Malmo, but the Frenchman wanted him on trial and even though the one called now by Milan’s fans “Ibracadabra” wanted to join, he refused to go to “auditions” saying that he must be signed right away.

Another top player who passed through Barcelona’s team but should have joined the Gunners long before, is Kolo Toure’s brother Yaya, who was very close to joining Arsenal when Kolo did but the Gunners missed the transfer.

Another player Wenger admitted he could have bought from the French Ligue 2 was a certain young striker called Didier Drogba.

Perhaps the most recent and more unfortunate missed transfer is that of Man City’s striker Kun Aguero. Wenger took an interest in him long before Mancini did, but Wenger’s lack of reaction and the growing interest in the striker from different European clubs caused his price to go out of Arsenal’s budget range.

The Frenchman risks to create the same situation with Lille’s Eden Hazard and Montpellier’s Giroud if he won’t make a move sooner. Who do you think will be the next star that Arsenal miss out on?