Arsenal Transfer Rumour Digest – The best this year!

Today ArsenalBanter is doing a Guest Post swap with the brilliant (and extremely busy) website I have chosen this post by KJ as the best transfer rumour post seen so far this year. If you haven’t read this already it is worth the time to digest the information and to appreciate the hard work that went into writing it. Well done KJ….

The big Arsenal transfer news! by KJ

Being a writer for JustArsenal, I decided to invest time in researching possible transfers to Arsenal. I even went as far as adding the majority of ‘reputable’ journalist on Twitter to get the latest on Arsenal transfer news. One of the journalists was Javier Perez. Looking through his feed and there are many names on his list that are likely to go to Arsenal.

The first sections are those who have ‘99%’ signed a pre-contract with Arsenal: Matias Suarez and Lewis Holtby.

The second are those in advanced talks with Arsenal: Jan Vertonghen, Lukas Podolski

The third is those in progressive talks: Yann M’Vila

Finally, those in fourth category are those that have just started talks: Younes Belhanda, Mario Goetze, Del Peiro

Now the majority of the readers must be in shock or must think I’m lying. I’m definitely not lying! Javier Perez is a well renowned journalist and has a reputation that he of course wouldn’t want to tarnish by ‘making rumours up’. Rather than accepting the media consensus that Podolski has signed for Arsenal, he goes out of his way to say that it’s still in advanced talks and nothing is agreed. This of course isn’t the best news for us fans but it does go some way of proving his validity. However, this article isn’t about proving sources, we will learn in the summer how accurate this Argentinian journalist is.

Let’s do a little analysis of each player’s situation:

Matias Suarez: He has been confirmed on a pre-contract agreement and not a lot can be said. We know he’s a winger for Anderlecht and is a very good player. He can also play striker as well as attacking midfielder. Could this be the replacement for Arshavin or possibly Walcott?

Lewis Holtby: He is a midfielder from the Bundesliga. Schalke currently own him but his contract will run out in 2013 and hence was always going to be sold to a bigger club. Perez is certain he ‘is in the bag’ for Arsenal and will definitely be moving to us. Possibly replacement, there is none actually. Our midfield is looking decent and wouldn’t really want to lose anyone. Possibly rotation option or cover for Song.

Jan Vertonghen: I recently wrote an article on why he’s a likely transfer for us. He has continuously praised Arsenal and Perez believes the Gunners are clear favourites for his signature. Possibly a replacement for Djourou and Squillaci. May also be an option as a defensive-midfielder.

Lukas Podolski: This is an obvious one. He has been hailed as the back-up for Van Persie who we desperately need. He can also play on the wings giving us variation and depth in our attacking line-up. Like I said before, rather than saying this is a confirmed deal, Perez feels it’s in advanced talks and although it’s 99% likely he will join Arsenal, he can still look at other options (Obviously nowhere near as good as Arsenal)

Yann M’Vila: We are at the moment in progressive talks with the young Frenchman. Rennes are resigned to losing him this summer and Arsenal are ready to pounce early to get confirmed signatures before big performances in the Euros. Again no real replacement in the team, however he could move Song to a box to box midfield role.

Mario Goetze: This is the big one. He is the big fish out of the lot. Arsenal have been tracking the German for some time now. He was supposed to be the natural successor of Fabregas last season but it was confirmed that the bid of £20 million by Wenger was not enough to secure his services. Ultimately, Goetze decided against any move because of his respect to Jurgen Klopp. However, Wenger is adamant that he will get his man and will up the ante to £25 million. These are early talks but you can’t help feel excited by such a prospect. Our man Perez says he will have a much clearer picture in the next couple of days (having meetings in Germany) and I will be sure to let you guys know!

Younes Belhanda: We apparently have just started talks with the Moroccan. He is seen as the back-up if we don’t secure Goetze. It will be admittedly hard to get the German regardless of how much money we spend so it’s good to see that we are thinking one step ahead.

Del Peiro: This is a very surprising one. Perez himself is shocked by the news but he was in Italy yesterday and received news from Juventus representatives that Arsenal are front-runners. The only real conclusion I can come to is shirt sales, I hope by god that this is not an actual signing for the squad/first team.

These are all the players that Arsenal are definitely looking at. However we will not get all of them. I firmly believe that we won’t get both Vertonghen and M’Vila as well as both Belhanda and Goetze. Even then, you look at the possibilities and its mind boggling.

The team we could have next season with the signings:
———————— Szczesny ———————-
Sagna ——– Vermaelan — Koscielny — Santos
———– Song ——- M’Vila/Vertonghen ——–
—————–Goetze/ Belhanda/Wilshere———
Suarez/Chamberlain—- Van Persie——– Podolski

That team right there looks amazing in my opinion. With all those options, we should be favourites to lift the league providing that none of the other teams goes completely mad in the transfer market (maybe Chelsea). Even looking at the prices, we would spend about £70 million. It seems a lot but remember the £50 million we definitely have as well as money generated from player sales. We all know the likes of Squillaci, Djourou, Chamakh, Park, Arshavin, Almunia are definitely gone. They could all together build up £15-£20 million if we sell smartly. Hence forming that £70 million I was talking about.

These are big hopes for a team that was looking down and out only a month ago. Fortunately, Arsenal have fixed up their league form and are now looking to take the Premier league and Europe by storm. I am still sceptical about all of this as many of us are but I can’t help but feel we are finally ready to make the transition from top 4 to league contenders once again.

I did pose a question to Perez himself and he did answer on Twitter:

KJ: @JavierPerez108 Will Arsenal honestly sign Holtby, Vertonghen, Suarez, Podolski and M’Vila? Surely that’s too much for Arsenal’s standards

Javier Perez: @KJ forget the past, next season, AFC have different goals and hence the change in mentality.
All we can do now is wait.

Also I hope we can all appreciate what’s happened to the former Arsenal midfielder Fabrice Muamba. It’s sad to hear such a young life was so close to the brink of death and I just wanted to remind everyone to pray for his full recovery.