Wenger – Arsenal won’t crack like last season

Arsene Wenger feels that Arsenal are on the crest of a wave at the moment as they fight their way back into a Champions League place for next season, and believes that the experience of crashing last season will help them get it right this time around.

“It is different from last year because we had a lot of negative experiences then,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “We were in four different competitions and we were knocked out in three in the space of two weeks, and you are only human beings.

“On top of that some results were really going against us, when you think about the last minute equaliser against Liverpool at home, you think about Tottenham when we were ahead.

“These two results killed the hope we had to play for the championship and from then on we felt, subconsciously, too secure that we were in the top four anyway. Once you don’t go for the championship anymore it’s different.

“This season it’s completely different, we were completely out of the top four, we have come into it on a good run and now of course it is taking advantage of that momentum.

“We are on a positive momentum and last year we were on a negative momentum. That changes it completely. On top of that we have experience. There again, it is how much are you ready to give? How much commitment can you give in every game? How focused can we be?”

The Gunners have to carry that momentum through to tonights game at Everton, and there is very little room for an error this late in the proceedings. But with Chelsea facing Man City tonight in Manchester, and then taking on Tottenham at the weekend, Arsenal are sure to gain ground on some of their rivals if they can just win tonight.