Is Oxlade-Chamberlain as good as a young Wayne Rooney?

The Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie seems to think that Englishman Wayne Rooney should watch out because Gunner wonderkid Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be the next English star.

According to Robin, Chamberlain has everything it takes to become the next star player in England’s national squad, although he might still have to wait until his first official game as his participation to the EURO 2012 is still very much uncertain.

“Alex can have a big impact. He has everything you need, I’m sure he has a bright future for Arsenal and England.

“He’s shown that already in a couple of games.

“He has pace, he is clever, knows when to pass, when to keep the ball and has good technique.

“He’s a bit like Rooney, who I rate highly. Rooney’s a big player and a good all-rounder who can score goals, provide assists and make nice runs — he has a bit of everything.

“And although Alex plays on the left or right — whereas Rooney plays more through the middle — that could change in the future. They are both good all-round players.”

Chamberlain already showed his skills for the Gunners and he’s highly recommended to become a star player if he’ll manage to stay away from bad injuries, but according to Arsene Wenger, Chamberlain will only hit his peak when he manages to turn himself in an attacking midfielder rather than a winger. What do you think?