Wenger not happy about Jack Wilshere’s Olympic dream

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has denied Jack Wilshere’s Olympic dreams saying that he is not very happy with the idea of his recovering star wishing to participate in Team UK, and that if he were to choose he would rather have the young midfielder go to the Euros instead.

According to Wenger, Jack is going to make the comeback soon and he’s highly likely to return to full fitness ahead of the EURO championship and his flight to Poland and Ukraine is only conditioned by how fast he’ll recover his form and full extent of his incredible skills.

“As far as the Euros are concerned, fortunately that’s a decision I don’t have to make. I will only intervene if I believe medically he is at risk.

“He is an England player. If he has played some games before the end of the season it is a possibility. If he has not played at all before the end of the season, I don’t think it’s realistic.”

But if Jack DOESN’T go to the Euros, this will make him available to be chosen for the Olympics, and Wenger left us under no illusions about what he thinks of that idea!

“The Olympics destroys the start of season for us,” he explained. “If he could play, I would rather him to go to the Euros. It depends how well he will develop in the next three weeks.”

Wilshere didn’t play at all this season for the Gunners and that was a big blow for Wenger who had to change three midfielders compared to last season’s team. The English International’s return and the transfers Wenger is preparing himself to make will surely turn Arsenal into a very strong team which will hopefully win the league next season