How much should Arsenal pay Alex Song?

The Arsenal central midfielder Alex Song will run out of contract in the summer of 2014, and according to today’s newspapers Wenger would be willing to break the wage barrier in order to keep the player.

Song, who was recently praised by Wenger and made a “world class” player, is currently getting around £55,000 a week according to the newspapers, and it is believed that the eccentric midfielder expects much more than that before he will accept a contract extension.

It would be a true shame if arsenal would lose the midfielder now that he’s finally been able to rise up to Wenger’s expectations and has managed to become just as good as Vieira was, or even perhaps a bit better.

Song, who was not much more than a goofy talented kid when he joined the Gunners, is now rated as one of the most impressive defensive midfielders in Europe (even by Wenger!), and according to rumours, clubs like Barcelona or Manchester City are hopeful that he won’t extend his contract.

Things are really looking nice for Arsenal on this season end, and if Wenger will be able to transfer a few big players on some vital roles in the team than the Gunners will surely be title contenders next season.

Should Wenger go all out in order to keep Song at the club?