Walcott – The fans make Arsenal unbeatable at home

The Arsenal winger Theo Walcott has put his indifferent early season form aside and has been most impressive in the last two months. He revealed previously that the booing from the Arsenal supporters during the game against Tottenham drove him to up his game, and now he thinks the same fans are behind the Gunners improved home form.

“The Emirates is starting to become a fortress, which is what we want it to be,” said Walcott.

“Away fans and players don’t like to come to the Emirates, especially over the last few months. It helps us players, it is like having an extra man on the field.

“That is with the help of the fans, they develop that.

“I think the fans expect us to win every game, and we expect to go out there, play our best and we feel we can win every game.”

With Manchester City coming to the Emirates next, that 12th man could be even more important. Let’s hope they spend more time cheering their own team than abusing Samir Na$ri!