Wenger – Forget QPR, Arsenal are still playing well

Arsene Wenger is confident that Arsenal have nothing to fear when meeting Manchester City at the weekend, and has stated that it’s up to the Gunners to prove that the loss against QPR was only a short interruption from their usual great form.

“In the last eight games we have won seven, so the momentum should still be there,” the Frenchman said. “The QPR result was an interruption and a disappointment.”

“We want to come back to our recent level, that means playing well and therefore winning the game. We are in a position now where we want to win our next game and show that it was only an interruption.

“We have a big game in front of us with two teams who want to win so it promises to be a very exciting match.”
When asked whether a loss for Man City would also mean that they completely lost their chances to win the title, Wenger replied:

“It won’t be over for City but it would make things very difficult, yes. Unfortunately we are not involved in the title race so we’ll leave them to sort it out themselves.”

According to Wenger, Arsenal have all it takes to defeat City, and frankly speaking, after the way the Citizens stole Nasri and the way they won the last meeting, the Gunners will surely have the necessary motivation to win.