Sagna – I would never join Man City

The Arsenal full-back Bacary Sagna has admitted that the Manchester City project might appeal to some of the Premiership players, but the French defender seems to think that Clichy and Nasri shouldn’t have chosen to leave the club in City’s favor.

“You know, even when I see Gael play now for City, it is strange but I still see him as an Arsenal player!” he said. “But they all left and there is no problem for me that they did.

“I mean, they had just one year left on their contracts and they wanted to be part of the project at Manchester City.

“That was their choice. Usually, when someone rich buys a club there is no big ethic. But I think it is different there.

“I am very happy here,”

“Everyone is so close. Yes, I would be happy to stay even longer but to be honest I don’t think that far ahead. If it happens, it happens. I just want to stay part of this Arsenal squad.

“We have a great team, a young team. And the spirit here is great. We have shown that recently with the way we got into the top four when we were so far behind.”

With Clichy, the fans didn’t seem to feel that much of a heartache even though Arsenal waited for him to get good for quite a while, but Santos’ transfer and Gibbs’ exceptional growth made the fans forget Clichy.

With Nasri on the other hand they weren’t so lenient. The Gunner fans attack Nasri every chance they get calling him a mercenary, and I think that there’s no better thing for them than to have seen City play in the Europa League, and even worse, get knocked out by Sporting, and then see the Citizens lose the title in the final run.

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