Who do Arsenal fans hate most? Na$ri or Adebayor?

There has been a torrent of abuse for Samir Na$ri this morning after Arsenal’s brilliant win over Man City yesterday, effectively ending any chance he had left of winning a trophy this season, so I was just wondering who would get the vote between him and Adbayor for the title of “Arsenal’s most-hated ex-player”

The pain of Na$ri lweaving is still fresh from last summer when he left Arsenal in the lurch by moving to City at the last minute, but didn’t Adebayor disrupt the side even more by demanding more and more cash every season until Wenger finally gave in and took Man City’s millions?

And surely now that Adebayor is currently helping “our noisy neighbours” fight for a Champions League place, doesn’t that make him doubly entitled to the hatred of Gooners?

So let’s have a bit of banter and give each one marks out of ten in the hatred stakes and I’ll add them all up at the end and work out who is the winner.

For me, its got to be Nasri 8/10 and Adebayor 9/10! What about you?