Does Van Persie deserve a statue for his exploits this season?

Despite all the top rated strikers Manchester City managed to bring in spending bucket loads of money, another Arsenal striker is the one to rewrite the Premier League history. The goal against Wolverhampton marked an important step in Robin Van Persie’s career and in Premiership’s history, as the Dutchman managed to equal one of the league records created by another Arsenal player.

Robin managed to score against the 17th team this season, thus equalling Wright’s record. This way he scored against 17 of the 19 teams in the Premier League in either of the two legs.

Wenger took notice of the Dutchman’s incredible performance and praised him at the post-match press conference.
‘It is important for a striker, even like Robin van Persie who was not used to not scoring in the season, to find the net.

‘He equalled the record of Ian Wright who scored against 17 different teams out of 19 in the Premier League.

‘That is absolutely remarkable in the modern game to be able to do that. I’d like to congratulate him on that.

‘When you only have 19 teams, and your striker has scored against 17 teams, that is something sensational.

‘He could have beaten the record if he had scored against Manchester City at the weekend.’

This only adds to Robin Van Persie’s pile of accomplishments as the Dutchman proves once more that he’s one of the best strikers the Premiership has seen, perhaps even better than the likes of Shearer, Wright or Henry if we look at the amazing accomplishments he’s made. All in all, Robin surely deserves a place in the club’s Hall of Fame, and perhaps even a statue in front of the stadium!