Hill-Wood – Only mindless people want Wenger to leave Arsenal

The Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood spoke about manager Arsene Wenger’s situation at the club, and according to the board representative, the Frenchman is surely not going to retire from the position he is in at the moment despite the huge criticism he received at the beginning of the season.

Wenger had a terrible start to the season with Arsenal, but the Frenchman managed to make the comeback and now he’s just stated that he will make the necessary transfers to fight for the Premiership title next season, so we can say that he learned his lesson.

“For him to stay longer than that would be perfect.” Hill-Wood said. “I can’t think of anybody better to run the team.”

“And he has shown how much rubbish people were talking earlier this season. We had a terrible run of injuries and that obviously had an effect.

“But a few mindless people were saying that he had to go, that Arsene was past his sell-by date. He has shown that is nonsense.”

“He has a young squad, with some excellent young players. He is building a young team with a great future and I am sure he would love to see them develop.

“I would want him to stay as long as he is happy here. He has been with us 14 years and has done a magnificent job.

“I want him to stay for the long-term and I see no reason at all why he should want to go.”

The Arsenal fans started to criticize Wenger at the start of the season, and the sure thing is that a trophy must come for Arsenal and the sooner it does the better because it’s already been very long, but the fact remains that the Frenchman is the most likely manager to bring the glory days back to the club.

Are Arsenal fans that want a change of manager really ‘mindless’?