Wenger – Szczesny still needs to improve – And he will!

Wojciech Szczesny has been very impressive in his first full season as Number One goalkeeper at Arsenal, and (like most of our players) has gone through a sticky patch where he seemed to lose his composure.

Arsene Wenger thinks that he is getting better, but he still feels he has good bit of improving to do and the Arsenal boss has no qualms about telling him where he is going wrong, but not in public.

“He has improved in his focus, the consistency of it,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “The talent was always there but he is maturing quickly.

“You can’t be completely on the inside or completely on the outside. I like that he is a good communicator. You have to adjust, it’s important to find a balance.

“The mental part of a keeper is vital. Look at Joe Hart, who is a fantastic goalkeeper for England. For me he shows that strength.

“I wouldn’t like to say publicly what Szczesny needs to do to improve, I’d rather tell him myself. Overall he has the basic talent to be a top-class keeper, how far he goes will depend on how much he wants to improve.”

Considering he is only 21 Szczesny certainly has all the hallmarks of being an Arsenal legend one day, and the young Pole himself admitted that he won’t leave the Emirates until he has restored the glory days to Arsenal.

“I can’t imagine myself in the next few years’ time playing anywhere other than here,” Szczesny said.

“In fact, I won’t move until we win something.

“Recently, one of the journalists asked me whether I have bigger ambitions than playing for the third place in the Premier League with Arsenal. God, sure I have! I look at the table and realise that is our maximum this year.

“It is seven years since Arsenal won something and it won’t change this season. But the next one? Who knows?

“I stand in front of a mirror and say to myself: ‘Damn, I’m interested in winning trophies only with Arsenal.’

“I want to be part of the team that show fans the bad times are over. I won’t leave until we achieve this.”

Thats the spirit Woj! Next year is going to be Arsenal’s year!