Dein – Van Persie had many opportunities to go elsewhere…

One of Arsenal’s most influential people, former vice-chairman David Dein has urged coach Arsene Wenger to do anything possible to keep Dutch striker Robin Van Persie at the club at all cost.

“He is very important to the club and it is not every day you can get a guy who can score over 30 goals in a season.

“There was a lot of competition at the time and we are very fortunate he signed for us. I was delighted and he has proved the point because he has been such a prolific goalscorer for the club.

“He plays with passion, he plays with his heart and, as you heard in his speech, he is a very modest guy.

“He has done a great job for the club and the fact that he has stayed with the club all this time, when he has had plenty of opportunities to go elsewhere, says a lot about Robin’s character.”

According to club legend Sol Campbell, the best way to keep Robin at the club is to bring top quality players in the summer who can guarantee a fierce battle for next season’s title. According to rumours German striker Podolski is already a Gunner, but Wenger will probably have to do much more than that to keep Robin at the club.