Wenger – I Can’t Guarantee Van Persie’s Contract Talks Will Go Well

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger still seems in doubt about his captain’s contract extension. Robin Van Persie is due to run out of contract at the end of next season, and the Gunners are looking to extend the deal with their best asset.

The French manager declared that although he is confident about Van Persie’s choice, he can’t guarantee that everything will go the way he hopes.

“I cannot guarantee that it will go well, but I am quite confident.

“I believe Robin is committed to the club, I feel that the club has shown great commitment to him over the years and put great faith in him.

“I brought him here a long, long time ago and he has developed fantastically well as a man and as a player.
“Today he is a world-class player and he deserves great credit. Hopefully we can keep him here.”

Frankly speaking, Robin would most surely have fallen short of the player he is now if Wenger wouldn’t have brought him to Arsenal, so for that alone he should stay. Needless to say that Wenger’s efforts to enhance the team and create a squad which can fight for the title have been clearly stated with Podolski’s signature, so Robin should have everything he’s looking for.

How do you think the talks will go?

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