Carlos Vela again confirms he won’t return to Arsenal

The exciting young Mexican Carlos Vela has yet again confirmed that he will not be returning to Arsenal next season, but he will almost certainly not be remaining at Real Sociedad either.

It seems that the winger is almost certain he will be joining a new club and has asked to be excused duty at the Olympics so he can settle in with his new team-mates.

Hector Gonzalez, the director of Mexico’s national teams, said yesterday: “He told us that he does not want to play for Arsenal and he will go to a different club.

“He asked not to be called up so he can play the pre-season and meet his new manager at his new club, because it is almost sure he will not continue on at Real Sociedad.”

“Carlos Vela asked on a personal and professional level that he not be selected for any of the Mexican national teams.”

I personally believe that Vela is very talented, although perhaps a little small for the Premier League. I honestly don’t understand why Wenger never gave him much chance to shine at Arsenal. He has proved at Sociedad he can score for fun when given a run in the first team.

Goodbye Carlos and good luck!