Were Fabregas, Clichy And Nasri Right To Leave?

With the summer transfer window about to open and with the 2011/12 Premiership season having just ended, people are asking themselves whether Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy made the right choice to move last summer.

The question is even more important if we think about the fact that Arsenal’s captain Robin Van Persie has a lot of offers coming in and only one more season on his contract. The likes of Song, Walcott or Vermaelen are also highly regarded and are due to be the subjects of massive summer speculation, so what should they do?

Sure, it’s awesome to be a Gunner, and for most of the players there’s no feeling that can top this in the world, but for any football player trophies are what they’re in the game for. After leaving the club, Fabregas, Clichy and Nasri managed to immediately get a trophy under their name, and people have started asking each other whether other star Gunners shouldn’t do the same.

Many Arsenal fans slammed Nasri after he left the club, calling him a mercenary, but even though we all hate him for leaving, the French midfielder managed to prove in the end that his choice was the best one to make, so should be still blame them for leaving?